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Action Plans
Based on the created scenario each group including the players and the animator formulates the urban prototype in form of an action plan. The action plan describes the procedure for immediate implementation of prototypes in the specified urban context in time as well as the necessary involvement of actors and agents and interweaving of operational fields.

Although articulated precisely and aiming at the stirring of immediate action tendencies, driving forces, the actionplan is indefinite in time and would incorporate in its unfolding the gained experience of acting.


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animator: animator: animator:
Yusaku Imamura Joost Grootens Raoul Bunschoten
players: players: players:
Yu-Sun Ko, Jonas Upton Hansen, Koen Klinkers, Pato Hayashi Annika Grafweg, Geoffrey, Margarita, Antonio Michiyo Kawabe, Jason P G Tan, Hiroshi Mizoguchi, Martin Scharfetter
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animator: animator: animator:
Jeanne van Heeswijk Noriyuki Tajima Kobu
players: players: players:
Hsu Kang Sheng, Anna Sitra, Javier Rojas, Fernando Campos Yanko Apostolov, Tomohiro Yanagisawa, Gerardo Asali, Manuel Portillo Parag Raj Sharma, Yoshiko, Assaf Lerman, Xu Hua
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animator: animator: animator:
Kayoko Petra Marguc Takuro Hoshino
players: players: players:
Hiro Kitano, Kati Juola, Aki Otsuka, Harald Keijer Shumon Basar, Meher, Luca, Ho Jeong-Der Martha Giannacopoulou, Mauricio Herrera, Jean Luis Rivard, Maki Shinohara, Sven Steiner, ChristianSchmutz