Urban Gallery Tokyo Story
    30.03.00 - 05.04.00




action plan

The Urban Gallery - Tokyo Story is a project organised by CHORA architecture and urbanism in collaboration with the Architectural Association London, the Berlage Institute Amsterdam and Tokyo University. During a one week event the Urban Gallery provides an interactive space that enhances by its given interactive structure a necessary negotiation process for urban planning. As a new planning tool for complex urban environment, it is testing its potentials for a new practise: urban curation. The Urban Gallery is both, physically rooted in a specified location in Tokyo and non-physically embedded in an interactive e-space with link support teams in London, Tokyo Shanghai and Amsterdam. In that Gallery various urban actors and agents are brought together to design the Tokyo Story. It contains four main spaces
urban prototypes
05. April
30. March
  database: a collection of observed urban phenomena
AA London Tokyo Actors Berlage Institute Amsterdam
  prototypes: imported devices for intervention    
  scenario games: simulation of possible realities and interactions between those phenomena The Tokyo Story is aiming at the formulation of urban prototypes. Urban prototypes are engines of change, instruments of new urban form, linking as an organisational structure larger contexts to specific environments. The Tokyo Story is a life project unfolding in between the 30.03.00 and the 05.04.00. That real-time product becomes an instant exhibition space after the event which will be hosted beyond others by the Venice-Biennale Web site and the Graz media & architecture Web site.  
  action plans: procedure for immediate implementation of those prototypes  
  Organisers:CHORA: Raoul Bunschoten (Director), Petra Marguc(Project Development) Takuro Hoshino (Research), associate collaborators: Jeanne van Heeswijk, Joost Grootens Participants Architectural Association:Yanko Apostolev, Josef Armakolas, Shumon Basar, Caide Deng, Martha Giannacopoulou, Annika Grafweg, Ho Jeong-Der, Harald Keijer, Aud Koht, Patrick Lam, Assaf Lerman, Parag Raj Sharma, Hsu Kang Sheng, Sven Steiner, Tan Peng Ghee, Jonas Upton Hansen BerlageInstitute: Gerardo Asali, Lilijana Bonforte, Antonio Clemente, Kati Juola, Michiyo Kawabe, Javier Rojas, Martin Scharfetter, Christian Schmutz, Milica Topalovic Tokyo actors: Noriyuki Tajima, Akio Yasumori, Tomohiro Yanagisawa, Tistus Spree, Koen Klinkers, animators: Tak Hoshino, Jeanne van Heswijk, Joost Grootens, raoul Bunschoten, Petra Marguc, Akira Suzuki, Noriyuki Tajima, Yusaku Imamura, Alan Burden, Roemer van Toorn, Baart Lootsma supported by: Tokyo University, British Council Japan, Architectural Association London, Stimulierungs Fonds  
  web site created by Aud Koht, Harald Keijer, Petra Marguc for Tokyo Story e-mail: tokyostory00@hotmail.com