Firewall Garden
Authors: Alexander Brauer, Alexej Koniaev, Iwan Esau


FWG-Action-Plan-extreme farben-01


Time Frame:

10 years


After ten years of the project about 30 Firewall Gardens will cover an area of circa 1260 m² and build a network of co-working in gardening in the inner-city of Berlin. This will provide 2700 m² of green space to the residents and lead to an annual CO2-redction of 6.5 tons.
These gardens have a model potential to a tomato harvest of 9.5 tons per year which could supply 458 people in their annual consumption.
After an initial crowdfunding of 12,000 Euros every garden will generate a monthly income of 500 Euros which results in a yearly turnover of 180,000 Euros after ten years.


The targeted objectives of the Firewall Garden is to provide as much green space for vegetable gardens in the sealed inner-city as possible, to reduce CO2-content of the air and to involve the residents in local food production.
In the first phase of the action plan money has to be raised to start the whole project. Therefor the idea has to be spread in the city and seat capital will be collected via a crowdfunding platform (“startnext” or similar).
By the second period the first two Firewall Gardens will be implemented in Prenzlauer Berg. In that way the first garden season will succeed and enough capital will be generated to build another garden structure in the following year.
In the third phase some of the Firewall Gardens will settle down, gain longer lasting leasing contracts and the project will spread to more wards of Berlin like Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Mitte to arise a network of co-working garden vertical allotments.
Finally about 30 Firewall Gardens will exist in the whole city to provide green space and locally bread foot. Surrounding those settled down anchor gardens additional structure will be built to supply more bets and space for meetings and workshops.


2013 - 2014


Actors and Elements: actors: developers, proprietors
agents: residents
angels: Startnext, residents


The idea of the project will be spread to the residents and crowdfunding will be initiated. Appropriate spots will be chosen to arise FWGs in the next period.


2014 - 2015


Actors and Elements: actors: developers/management, a professional gardener
agents: residents

The first two FGWs will be installed and the rents of the participants secure the maintenance of the project. A professional gardener supports the gardening.


2015 - 2018


Actors and Elements: actors: management, gardeners
agents: residents
angels: residents

The whole project spreads into additional wards of Berlin, more people get involved into the greening of fire break walls. At some places anchors emerge and build a structure of continuing work in that flexible system.


2018 - 2023


Actors and Elements: actors: management, gardeners
agents: residents
angels: residents

FWGs come up to the whole inner-city of Berlin. In some of the the structures enlarge to green centers with workshops besides the gardening theme.