Authors: Ayse Balci, Tycho Brand, Mai Tran Hong, Shreshth Harit, Julian Hotop

OF [Ev10]


Actors and Agents:
Actors - Citizens who are the users
Agents - Soulbottles Gmbh
Angels - NGOs , O2, Berliner Wasserbetriebe, AK, SAP, ÖIN

The modern facilities in Berlin ensure an ample supply of high quality water that fulfills and remains well within the standards of German Drinking Water Ordinance. Then why all the fuzz of buying mineral water from the market when you can just rely on normal tap water with a good provision of preserving or carrying in non plastic water bottles and save money? Germans tend to prefer their water by the bottle. This huge intake of mineral water is partly due to Germans 'bias towards bubbles and partly due to the belief in mineral water superior taste and health benefits. But according to the research normal tap water is more healthier and rich in minerals. People thinking that mineral water filled in a plastic bottle is healthier, they are completely wrong my friend. Now the new concept of Soulbottles comes into play. Soulbottles are practical and radically plastic-free. And very transparent, because they’re made out of glass. So you always see if it gets dirty. You don’t have to stare into the abyss of not knowing what the black spots are, like in stainless steel or aluminium bottles. They are even some what unbreakable and non decomposing, that means they last longer and don't leach active chemicals into water like plastic bottles

Further Research Agendas:
Impact of Soulbottles on the plastic industry?
Will Soulbottles and its makers be able to impress the mineral water drinking society and change their mind?