Example: Mangrove Harvest
Authors: Aja Teelock, Ronny Heirmans, Katleen Vermeir, Yu Dan, Zhang He Li

SG [0000]

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To reuse surplus mangrove plants in a sustainable way

[MRe] Mangrove Rehabilitation was integrated into Xiamen during the game with little effect on the existing prototype concept. There were a few unrealistic suggestions such as demolishing buildings adjacent to mangrove-suitable sites so that the mangrove replanting could be extended. With the added time factor to the game, it was decided that the mangrove planting had been so successful that more seedlings survived than had been expected, so that the resultant mangrove forest needed to be thinned out. This prototype integrated well with Benjamin’s [SfP] Smart Forestry prototype, as the excess mangroves were then used for timber construction, initiating a new type of timber industry in Xiamen.

During the scenario game process, the [BGT] Black and Grey Water Treatment was plugged in quite literally, without much adjustment to the nature of the different stages of the treatment. The high rise roof spaces were determined suitable sites for the treatment beds, and so the prototype was introduced to roof spaces only. The prototype played the key role of the development of roof spaces in Xiamen into public green spaces. These high rise parks then became connected and the activities on them more intense. A new level of leisure and activity was achieved above the current city infrastructure, to the point where roof top agriculture developed, and the ornamental planting at ground level was also intensifi ed to match the high rise standard of planting. Reed harvesting probably would have been achieved in a combination with [SfP] Smart Forestry Prototype, had we completed more rounds to this game.


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Curration: [SfP] Smart Forestry Prototype inserted at beginning of
the round

E: A chemical industrial estate is removed from its rural setting

O: The natural vegetation in the form of a forest is extended over the old industrial site.

T: New buildings are constructed near the smart forestry headquarters to make the most of the access road.

M: Local population to the smart forestry headquarters migrate away due to overcrowding.


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Curration: [MRe] Mangrove Rehabilitation Prototype inserted at beginning of the round

E: The airport is removed as it was blocking views.

O: An existing water inlet to Xiamen Island is extended into the city, replacing the existing buildings, mangroves planted in this and all marshland areas.

T: All abandoned sites are converted to mangrove rehabilitation across Xiamen.

M: To solve the transportation into Xiamen, a new airport is built on mainland Xiamen.


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Curration: [BGT] Black and Grey Water Treatment Prototype inserted at beginning of the round

E: All Government, Industrial, New and Flat roofed buildings to have roof furniture erased for treatment ponds for the Black and Grey Water Treatment prototype.
[5505], [BGT]

O: These roof spaces are connected by a series of high level walkways for a high rise public park system. The walkways are constructed with timber from the smart forestry prototype.
[8304], [SfP]

T: The green infrastructure at ground level is improved to match the standard set at high rise level.

M: A series of sports venues are created to encourage people to move round the city to use them.


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Curration: Time factor of 5 years has passed since the last round

E: Success of ground level planting results in the removal of some ornamental planting to allow space for crop producing plants.

O: Success of the water treatment and irrigation issues with the high rise parks leads to a treated water storage unit on the tallest buildings.
[5201], [BGT]

T: Popularity of the parks has lead to redevelopment of the links between each park into a single, elevated access route with ramps. This creates more direct routes and extensive disabled access.

M: The new park links result in the population saving a lot of travel time and spending more time in the parks, resulting in a happy, healthy population.


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Curration: Time factor of another 5 years has passed since the last round. The mangrove rehabilitation has been a success, more seedlings have survived than had been expected so that the mangrove forests are now too dense to be sustainable to the ecosystem which now relies on them.

E: Surplus mangrove trees are removed so that the mangrove forests meet the density set out in the original plan.

O: Floating islands are created to produce crops and increase vegetation at ground level.

T: The mangrove trees which were removed in stage E are transformed into timber in the Smart Forestry Prototype
[7102], [SfP]

M: The mangrove timber is used to create a new type of construction method and a series of mangrove coffee houses are built.