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The prototype addresses the speed of delivery for the Thames Gateway development proposals which aim to provide a new urban condition and infrastructure including the delivery of 120 000 - 160 000 houses by 2016.A mobile construction fleet will allow for manufacture to begin whilst transporting materials and components to the relevant sites, eliminating the road construction transport necessary to deliver 120 000 homes will decrease the carbon footprint of transportation in this area dramatically. With the use of simple timber detailing and CNC component manufacturing, buildings will provide employment for a migrant workforce, skills within the timber construction industry and low carbon, low cost residential prototypes.

Floating construction techniques, simple timber construction, CNC component manufacture, speed of delivery, low carbon, new skills, employment opportunities.


Buildings will be able to be manufactured, assembled and delivered using off site construction and keeping building trades to a minimum. For construction, platforms will be placed in relationship to its particular program, buildings or larger components can then be moved into place from the construction platforms by use of cranes. Both platforms and cranes will be able to be craned on and off boats/ ships and be moved to any location along the river. _________________________________________________________________________________________

Proposed construction methods utilizing timber will assist in providing low or zero carbon homes, this will lead to increased skills within the timber construction industry and will provide employment for a migrant workforce, in addition to providing the employment opportunities, learning and teaching mechanisms will be able to use this as a catalyst to teach, explore and learn, these issues address key areas identified in the Thames Gateway RDA Economic Statement where the aim is to increase skills and employment within the Thames Gateway area.

With current proposals for delivering 120 K homes in less than 10 years, the speed of the construction process needs to be addressed. To achieve this, the prototype will make use of the


River for a mobile construction site. By using the river as a means of construction transport, existing boats, ships, pontoons and barges could be called into place to deliver materials and provide movable facilities to prepare or start construction, once finished, remaining infrastructure can be adapted to future use. The benefits of the Ports being in The Thames Gateway is that imported timber can be collected directly from vessels or Ports which will shorten lead in/delivery times on the materials.

The prototype provides flexibility in the construction methods which allow activities to overlap and run parallel saving in program time. Whilst planning applications and various design and pre-construction issues takes place, preparation for the building can begin to happen before arriving on site. The use of timber and simple detailing means that timber frame construction, which is already a faster means of construction will be even quicker with the use of both CNC manufactured components and by using current standardised timber elements.