[Po21] Housing Schemes

AUTHOR: Edwina Bland

Precedent studies showing similar housing densities

_________________________________________________________________________________________ Precedent study of Netherlands housing on water landscape Precedent study of similar housing density on water in Holland Precedent Study - MIT monolithic block Corbusier’s Pessac modular housing Corbusier model Precedent study - MVRDV Initial study models based on Corbusier’s Pessac housing standards Models of Corbusier’s modular Pessac housing Concept for Thamesmead housing; a range of housing typologies, based on soil type

Scenario Games: Action Plan:

Actors - Gordon Brown, ODPM, Local Council, Architects, Developers

Agents - Local residents, New residents
The housing sits above the water landscape. It is a mix of typologies which also varies according to the soil conditions. Closer to the river, there is less density and lower building heights, to give a sense of transparency. Buildings are higher off the ground to prevent flooding, and more exclusive as they are bigger and detached.Houses are geometrically simple, in contrast with the organic water cuts, and work on the basis of a standard unit that can be repeated and manipulated to form a prefab housing system. They are easy to build and cheap, and then dressed in various ecologically friendly elements within the modular 10mx10m grid. The plans are the only part that varies according to typology. Thermal zoning is used to order the rooms from hot to cold areas, leaving neutral open spaces. Density studies look at contemporary housing projects as references for achieving comparable homes per hectare.
- Existing housing schemes with similar densities. Precedent studies - Corbusier, modern schemes.

- Ecologically friendly elements, that can be used to ‘clothe’ the housing boxes. These are orientation, thermal mass, stack ventilation, thermal zoning, solar panels, insulation, SIPs, home water treatment, dual piping, on demand hot water, rainwater collectors, treatment plant, reed beds, irrigation, water features and courtyards.

- Methods of Construction. I am proposing two rectangular plane trusses separated by space frame columns sitting on a matrix of pin-pier foundation modules. The structure uses a module size matched to the scale of standard raised office floor panel systems so that the panel posts could be screwed directly into the space frame nodes, each space frame module hosting four panels. These floor panels are readily available in cement, steel, and aluminium and so are non-toxic, while at the same they are also available with integrated radiant heating systems, offering a turnkey heating system built on off-the-shelf parts. The roof would be composed of an aluminium sandwich panel with a standard drop ceiling frame attaching to the space frame underside and hosting natural cork tiles. Standard store-front glazing would complete the enclosure.