[Fl21] Space Frames

AUTHOR: Edwina Bland

Flow of Elements in a Wachsmann spaceframe
Branding Diagram Summary of Wachsmann space frames Wachsmann’s space frame Build-up of a 3D space frame from trusses Chronological history of the space frame’s evolution Yona Friedman’s space frame city Possible construction (Yona Friedman) Experiments with space frames and blocks

Scenario Games: Action Plan:

Actors - Factory/warehouse for prefabrication, local council, EDF

Agents - Houses, floodplain, deck

A frame is used to lift the houses off the natural ground plain and protect them from floods. This may also be used for enclosure and structural support of the houses, so that the ecological elements can clip on like skins to the boxes. The space frame also regulates the 10mx10m grid system that dictates planning layout.Konrad Wachsmann has been used as a precedent study for using space frames fabricated from modular components over a large area._________________________________________________________________________________________

-Konrad Wachsmann.

- Yona Friedman.

- The concept is to provide an affordable non-toxic housing as the product of an alternative technology, rooted in the ideal of efficiency. The facility has to be cost effective because it needs to cover a large area, and this calls for a modular structure using prefabricated components. There is a simple structural and theoretical geometry system called the Universal Node System, based on a cubic derived geometry. Maximum diversity of structure is achieved from a minimum collection of prefabricated components. Though ostensibly no different in composition from space frame systems used since early in the 20th century, this more sophisticated geometry affords it a flexibility. With this building system a simple kit of parts could be readily created and shipped anywhere in the world to build a home on any kind of terrain. Commercial potential is offered from the design of specialized partition and cladding panels which can be equipped with various built-in equipment such as solar panels, fans, lighting units, and more. Development of a catalogue of kit designs for an endless variety of structures.

- Commercially available space frame products. Ball socket node space frames have been around since the 1950s and are produced by a variety of manufacturers. Using these space frame systems requires a different design strategy because these systems lack any standardized modular panel systems, or indeed any standardized component sizes at all. Conventional space frames are space-filling systems used primarily in the manner of plane trusses and columns and functioning as a more-or-less independent support structure for cladding and partitioning.