[Ed77] Specialist Schools

AUTHOR: Zoe Talon


Scenario Games: Action Plan:

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Since introduced in 1994, 60% of English and Welsh schools have taken on a specialty. Any secondary school in England can apply for specialist status in one of ten specialisms: arts, business & enterprise, engineering, humanities, languages, mathematics & computing, music, science, sports and technology. Extra money comes to a school if it adapts a specialty (£100,000 grant to retrain teachers and buy new materials/equipment & £129 per pupil annually). To gain specialist status each school must raise £50,000 from local business. Schools must create an OUTREACH PROGRAM linking students and teachers to employers, “thrusts educators into the community and forces them to engage”. Pressure to convert all schools within 2 years. The Specialist Schools Trust is a non profit organization set up to recruit promising schools, help design new programs and train teachers, monitor status and performance of existing specialist schools in terms of continued funding.
The Thames Gateway area, which accounts for roughly 6% of the country’s population, currently has 6% of the country’s specialist schools. Parents in small towns are complaining of to little choice, so if there are 2 business schools in the area and their child suits maths or art this would be very frustrating.