[Cu11] Clip-on Identity

AUTHOR: James Stopps


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Mobile phone manufacturers; Mobile technology; Peer pressure; Consumerism; Mass-manufacture; Reyner Banham; Archigram
How do you keep up-to-date with the latest trends when your on a tight budget?  How do youlay claim to being an individual when everyhthing you own comes off a production line?  There is the increasing need for sutomization within modern society.  Surges in mobile technology have lead to a new surge in ‘clip-on’ identities.  When your tired of your phone/walkmen/pda why discard the whole object when you can simply reapply its skin to your own taste.
The fascias that now cover almost every piece of technology we use have successfully converted their machines into ‘things’ or products that we can relate to.  The iPod’s is a marvel of computer hardware and user-friendly interfaces however it is casing that we buy into; it symbolises ergonomic design.
How can the notions of clip-on fascias be developed into architecture?
How can these incorporate program and function?
How can the mass-manufacturing techniques be incorporated without comprimising individual identity?