[AP21] Ground Plain Modifier Action Plan

AUTHOR: Edwina Bland

Political Boundaries in the Thames Gateway Considerations for implementeing the prototype

- The scheme would be built in stages, and hence needs to be considered in its various time stages: time for initial construction, time for growth and adaptation, and finally time for proliferation.

- The scheme needs to pay particular attention to the following regulations:

Structure – Thickness of walls Fire safety - External escape stairs from service cores, vehicle access and turning facilities, fire separation, escape from dwellingsVentilation – Passive stackDrainage

Fuel and Power – Building fabric, heating, hot water, lighting, CO2 emissions, boiler, solar gains, insulation

- The money for lifting the prototype above the natural plain would be shared by the local Council, since the site would serve as a natural flood defence, and the developer, who would benefit from their property being protected from flooding. EDF would be consulted for all prototypes, for energy provision and Carbon Emissions reduction.This site already has planning permission for 347 homes under the Zones of Change program. The scheme proposes a slice of a bigger prototype – this is a unit which could be expanded or multiplied as required. Various housing developers could take zones or fingers of the deck to develop._


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